Here at Fitzpatrick Fuels, we stock four different types of charcoal for your BBQ-ing needs this summer. To understand the different characteristics of each type, please keep on reading.

Charcoal Briquettes

‘Charcoal’ briquettes are a combination of charcoal, and other ingredients which are molded into easy to light lumps. Since charcoal briquettes are manufactured, they are molded and compressed into an evenly shaped, uniform size. This, therefore, means that charcoal briquettes give a more consistent burn.

One thing to consider when using charcoal briquettes is that they tend to give off more ash, due to the binders used to mold the briquette together. If you are using a BBQ appliance that has extra room for ash, such as a Webber, Kettle BBQ or Smoker,  these briquettes are a great option.

Charcoal briquettes don’t tend to burn as hot as lump wood charcoal, but in comparison, they do burn longer, with a more consistent heat. That said, you can achieve a higher heat output by using more briquettes on the grill.

This type of charcoal is ideal for roasting and smoking.

Lumpwood Charcoal

Lumpwood charcoal is made by burning wood in the absence of oxygen, making it one of the more natural types of charcoal. This type of charcoal tends to light faster and easier than charcoal briquettes. It also gives off a hotter heat and leaves less ash to clean up after cooking. If your grill has adjustable air vents, you will find that this charcoal is more responsive to oxygen, making it easier to control the temperature of the fire.

This is the most commonly used product for the British BBQ season. This kind of charcoal gives a deep, Smoky flavor with an authentic grill taste.

Due to the natural process of making Lumpwood charcoal, the individual pieces can be inconsistent in size. Another consideration to remember is that this charcoal tends to burn through quicker than briquettes. 

Restaurant Grade Charcoal

Restaurant Grade Charcoal is a premium grade, quality charcoal. This charcoal is made up of larger pieces and burns longer with a more consistent temperature than standard charcoal. Along with a hotter and longer burn time, this charcoal has a lower moisture content, which means it does not spark or spit as much as regular charcoal.

This charcoal can be used for a wide range of BBQ’s, from a garden BBQ to professional grilling equipment, making it extremely popular with restaurants. You will also find when using this type of charcoal, there is less smoke output.

Restaurant Charcoal is designed to offer a more stable grill cooking experience.  It offers a high heat, long burn time and flavorsome results.  

South African Charcoal

As the name gives away, this charcoal is a product of South Africa. It is of a premium standard grade and is popular with restaurants and caterers.

This Premium South African Restaurant Charcoal is said to be the best charcoal available on the market. This is a step above average restaurant grade charcoal, and customers who try this blend seldom use anything else.

Unlike most other charcoals, this South African Charcoal is made using only Wattle wood, which is known to be the best you can buy. Using only this wood to create the charcoal, gives a consistent, smooth and quality cooking charcoal. Similar to restaurant grade charcoal, this product gives off little smoke, is less likely to spark and has a very clean burn.