New Product:

Just before Christmas, we started stocking a new product; Newheat Smokeless Fuel. This fuel is a fully authorised smokeless briquette and is currently one of our cheapest smokeless fuels.

Although the price point of this product is low, the performance is fantastic. Newheat is produced by a company called Oxbow, who also produce Excel smokeless fuel, and you can expect the same quality with Newheat as you get with Excel.

How does Newheat burn?

Newheat burns with a nice bright flame, in fact, it is said to be one of the brightest burners on the market. Along with an attractive burn, you can expect this smokeless fuel to have a very high heat. Newheat doesn’t burn quite as hot as Excel, however, this isn’t always a bad thing. The heat from this fuel is more manageable, and it also, the makeup of the fuel allows it to burn for an exceptionally long time. Typically Newheat will burn overnight.

Along with an attractive flame, high heat and long burn duration, this smokeless fuel has a very low ash content. If you’re used to long burning fuels, like Supertherm, you will find that Newheat produces a lot less ash, which in turn means less clearing out.

To Summarise:

  • Newheat is a fully authorised smokeless briquette.
  • It is ideal for multi-fuel stoves, open fires and closed appliances.
  • This fuel burns with a bright and attractive flame, and has a high heat output.
  • Newheat briquettes are of a large since, similar to Supertherm, and therefore is able to burn overnight.
  • This product is the cheapest smokeless fuel that we currently offer.

If you would like any more information, please feel free to give a member of the team a call! You can contact us on 01484 653 768. Alternatively, take a look at the fuel on our website here.