After several months of planning, we are very pleased to have an all-new, and very much improved website.

We understand that being able to order a product online, is often more convenient than calling into a shop or placing an order over the phone. 

Over the last couple of years, we have made a lot of changes to improve the shopping experience for our customers. Finally, we are now able to offer a better online experience.

Our old website allowed our customers to find out the prices of our products, and place bulk orders online (albeit, not the easiest of websites to use). The new Fitzpatrick Fuels online is a massive improvement, and we are so pleased to have it up and running. What’s more, there will be new features to come, that reward our customers for shopping with us.

More Information:

When shopping online, you will notice each product has a detailed description and a specification. The description tells you the general information on the type of fuel, and what to expect when burning the product. The specification on each product tells you the makeup of the fuel, such as; the calorific value, moisture content, and sulphur content to name a few.

We have added more information on the site to ensure that the customers who wish to shop online, can get as much information on the products as those who come into the store.

Quicker Shopping Experience:

On the left-hand side of each product page, you will see a set of filters. These filters allow you to find a selection of fuels that match your preference. If for example, you are looking for a smokeless fuel, with a long burn time, you no longer need to read each description of each product to find what you are looking for. To quickly find the right fuel for you, simply go to the filters bar and tick the boxes that describe what you are looking for. For example, ‘smokeless fuel’ and ‘long burn time’. Once these filters are applied, you will be left with a selection of fuels that would be ideal for you.

Along with the filters, you can also create an online account with us. Once you have an account, all the orders you make will be saved to your account. You can simply login, and make a repeat order without trying to remeber what you ordered in the past!

National Delivery:

The new allows delivery to most UK postcodes. We are now able to accommodate those who live on the opposite end of the country to us and delivery at competitive rates. What’s more, you are now able to order a selection of different products, with one delivery cost.

What’s more, you are now able to order a selection of different products, with one delivery cost. Once you have added your items to your basket, upon checkout, the website will calculate the size of the pallet needed for your products, and then generate the lowest delivery cost for you.

Tips and Advice:

Along with the information on the website, we also have a number of articles on our blog site to give you tips and advice on what fuel to use, how to get the most out of it, and how to look after your fire. We will be constantly adding posts to the blog. Feel free to send us suggestions on what to write about next!


Along with the above points, there’s so much still to come. Over the coming months, we will be adding voucher codes for discounts on our products. We will be launching an online loyalty scheme,¬†allowing you to gain credit with us to spend on future orders. Along with this, we will also be hosting flash sale’s so you can stock up on fuel, at reduced prices.

We hope you like the new website. If you think we can improve in any way, please send your feedback to