We are pleased to say that our Bord Na Mona Peat Briquettes are now back in stock!

Bord Na Mona Peat Briquettes have been a popular fuel choice with our customers ever since we started stocking this product. These briquettes are a traditional Irish fuel that kicks out a lot of heat and gives off a homely aroma. This fuel is particularly popular with those brought up in a household that predominantly used Peat & Turf products as the main source of heating for the home.

These briquettes are made from pure deep bog peat, which is then tightly compressed to leave a dense briquette that gives a long burn time and high heat output. Peat products are a good midpoint between logs and coal, meaning they will burn for longer than logs, but not quite as long as coal. What’s more, this product can be used on wood-burning appliances. If you find that your log supply is burning too quickly – this is the perfect product to offer a slower burn for your log burner.

As with most long-burning fuels, this product does produce ash after the burn duration. Although this means that the stove needs cleaning out more regularly, the ash produced once the product has burnt through keeps giving out heat.

Bord Na Mona peat briquettes are suitable for use in multi-fuel stoves, wood burners, and open fires. The traditional Irish aroma of this product is most enjoyed when used on an open fire.

These genuine Irish peat briquettes come in a 12.5kg bale, with 20 pre-cut briquettes per pack. They are easy to handle and easy to store.

To arrange for a delivery of Bord Na Mona Irish Peat Briquettes, click here to be directed to the Fitzpatrick Fuels online shop.