We have made the decision to discontinue one of our smokeless fuels, Excel. We put a lot of thought into whether this is the right decision, taking into consideration the popularity of the fuel.

Oxbow coal, the manufacturers of products Excel and Newheat smokeless fuels, have put a steep price increase on both products. Where possible, we try and keep our prices of products consistent, however, when our suppliers put products up to us, it is difficult for us to absorb the full cost of the price increase.

If we were to stock Excel at this moment in time, we would be looking at selling this product on to our customers between £11.60 – £11.80 per bag, whereas in the past, we have sold this product at £10.60 per bag.

Although Excel is a good quality fuel, there are other good quality fuels available that are of better value. If the Excel reduces in price, we will look at stocking this product for the start of the 2019 winter season (End of September).

If you have always used Excel Smokeless fuel in the past and aren’t sure what to try next, here is some information on our other fuels below:

Newheat Smokeless

Newheat is our most popular smokeless fuel. This is a fuel that we would consider to be a good allrounder. It offers a high heat output, a long burn duration and it gives a clean burn. Newheat has the capability of burning overnight, it gives a nice hot heat and doesn’t leave a lot of ash after the burn.

Supertherm Smokeless

Supertherm is a CPL product, it is a well known, good quality fuel. Similar to the Newheat above, Supertherm will burn overnight. Although this fuel gives off a little more ash after the burn, it is a very low maintenance fuel. Once this product gets going, there is very little you need to do with this.

Homeflame Smokeless

Homeflame is the newest smokeless fuel that we have decided to stock. This is now what we would consider our economy smokeless fuel, being the cheapest product we have available. That being said, cheapest doesn’t mean bad quality. This product offers a good heat output and a long burn duration.

Homefire Smokeless

Lastly, we stock one of CPL’s most popular smokeless fuels, Homefire. This product has a great reputation and again, is a good allrounder fuel. Generally, this product should burn for 12+ hours, and give off a nice hot heat. Again, this is the kind of product you can leave ticking away in the background without refueling often.