New Summer Range: Decorative Aggregates

This summer we are very pleased to announce that we now stock a range of Decorative Aggregates from the renowned brand; Deco-Pak. We deliver nationwide, using a pallet network, and locally on our own vehicles with a crane facility. If you want to see the aggregates before you buy, you can also come to our cash and carry shop to see our range. 

What are Aggregates:

Aggregates are the perfect accessory to brighten up your garden. They add detail and decoration to create a unique focal point in your garden. The aggregates in our summer collection offer a range of stunning colours. Given the natural nature of aggregates, each product has a subtle variation of tones and textures, adding depth to the area of placement. What’s more, you will see different colour tones depending on the weather. For example, the Blue Slate Chippings give a dusky blue pigment when dry, and are a bright and vibrant when wet.

Benefits of Aggregates:

Alongside the visual benefits of decorative aggregates, they are easy to use and a low maintenance option to personalise your outer space. Once in place, aggregates act as a weed suppressant and can reduce the amount of time spent on the upkeep of a garden. Going back to the fact that aggregates are a natural stone product they are hard wearing and long lasting.

Uses of Aggregates:

Aggregates can be used almost anywhere. It really comes down to personal preference and the overall look you want for your garden area. They can be used to create borders for ponds, pools, patios and flower bed areas. They are also a great tool to use to create walkways and driveways.

For inspiration of how, and where to use decorative aggregates, you can have a look at our Pinterest page full of ideas here.