Buying Online, traditionally:

When going online to order your fuel, have you ever noticed that it is nearly impossible to order all the fuel you want, in the quantities that you need?

Traditionally, most fuel websites only allow customers to purchase a product in half pallet or full pallet quantities. What’s more, say, for example, you wanted to order all your fuel from one place at the same time, you may find that you need to order half a pallet of kindling, half a pallet of logs, and half a pallet of coal. Aside from storage issues, this can be pretty costly!

Buying online, now:

From our experience, our customers prefer to be able to order multiple different products, in the quantities that they need.

On our old website, you could only order products in bulk quantities. For anything bespoke, customers would call the office or come into the store to make an order for delivery.

We wanted our customers to have an easy online shopping experience with us, and be able to order exactly what they need.

We, therefore, created a new feature called, ‘Pick, Pack, Deliver’. Our new website now allows you to order any product you want, in the quantities that you need.

Pick, Pack, Deliver:

This flexible approach means that you can buy a range of products in the quantities that most suit you. You can even add products in a single value to your basket if you want to try a fuel before committing to buying in bulk quantities.

You can now order a couple of bags of one fuel, a couple of bags of the other and anything in-between. Once we get your order, we will custom build your pallet with your chosen products, wrap it up tightly for delivery and get it delivered to you within 3 – 5 working days.

Now, every customer can have their own custom-made fuel order, packed securely onto a pallet, and heat their home throughout the winter period. You can order everything from kindling and firelighters to get the fire started, to kiln dried logs and long burning smokeless fuels to keep your fire going overnight. 

We hope you feel the benefit from this new feature. If you have any feedback or suggestions you would like to make on how we can improve our service to you, please contact us.