Each year people sit and plan how to deck out the entire house for the festive season. It’s almost become a competition between households over who has the prettiest decorations. The fireplace shouldn’t be left out when it comes to planning! So, if you are struggling for some inspiration, here’s a few ideas to help you create beautiful Christmas fireplace decorations.


Blue and Silver decorations

If you have an all white fireplace you will be able to live the look up to the full potential however, it will easily work for any fireplace. Pairing up shades of blue and white with the odd splash of silver will give off a cool, frosty feel. 

Mountain Lodge 

Cosy Mountain Ski Lodge Fire

Mountain Ski Lodges are known for their cosy, traditional festive feel ideal for tapping into that comfy place in your heart. To replicate this look at home it’s as simple as placing some natural garland across the mantlepiece, hanging some classic stockings and adding in some old school snowshoes for that Ski Lodge theme. 


Bright, Vibrant Fireplace with colourful decorations

For a bright look why not get crafty and make a wreath from some beautiful bright red poinsettias. Add in some cute miniature present boxes and bright decorations for an eclectic vibe. 


Simple, light decorations

For a cosy, simple feel, string up some LED lights wrapped round some plain branches and pinecones for a wintery feel without too much going on. 


Traditional Red and Gold Decor

For a classy, traditional look why not try a mantle scarf/skirt. Drape over the edge of the mantle, top with some classic ornaments and candles for the finishing touches. 


Refreshing, Green Decor

Using a mixture of evergreens and eucalyptus allows for the perfect combination of refreshing and contemporary, providing a simple, green festive look.

Nature Inspired 

Green garland with lemons and oranges

A nature inspired mantle might just be the way forward for you this year. Use a mix of garlands, wreaths and vines featuring some seasonal citrus such as oranges, tangerines and lemons for a beautiful, fragrant decor. 

Minimalist X Maximalist 

Gorgeous silver decoration

Using a white or grey based palette to create a heavily decorated garland allows a minimalist aesthetic to meet a maximalist’s dream decor. By keeping the colour palette simple but the decor heavy it combines both ends of the spectrum and looks great. 

Very Berry 

Red Berry Deorations

Red berry branches are a great eye-catching feature which could help your fireplace stand out this year as a unique idea. Add in a couple of red stockings and some silver or white candles for that extra festive touch. 

Pretty in Pink 

Blush Pink Decorations

For a classy, modern twist on Christmas this year how about going all out in pink! Pair with silvers and whites for the perfect colour combos to make a nice, bright decor. 

Candles Galore 

White candles in a green wreath

Everyone loves candles as the days get darker for a natural way of bringing light to the room without it being too bright. Try grouping candles together using twine and placing them in the middle of a laid down wreath or wrapped garland for a super cosy feel. 

Match your Tree

Matching Tree and Fireplace Decor

A simple yet effective way of decorating the fireplace is to match up your decorations with those on your tree! Maybe you’ve got a couple of baubles spare and some extra lights, add them onto some garland and your job is done. 

Sweet Tooth 

Candy themed decoration

For those of you who love the sweeter side of the festivities, this one’s for you. Fill up jars with your favourite festive candies and hang some candy canes or festive coloured lollipops for a sweet treat this year. 


Classy, simple decoration

For a simple elegant look, wrap some garland with warm white LED lights and a thick, block coloured ribbon. Bringing beauty and elegance to your fireplace this winter. 

The Traditional Bow 

Traditional Big Red Bow

A traditional big red bow positioned in the middle of the fireplace and some simple garland could be your favourite go to. Bringing the ‘less is more’ theme to Christmas. 

Simple but Sophisticated 

Splashes of Silver Decor and Evergreens

Using some plain greenery, white candles and some splashes of silver decorations on top of a plain mantlepiece leaves a crisp, clean appearance sticking with the festive feel without drawing in too much attention or being too busy.