New Horse Bedding Products

We have added some new horse bedding products to our range. Now we stock horse shavings, in a medium flake, and a large flake. We now also stock a new wood pellet, which is very light in colour and provides a fluffy and comfortable bedding. 

Wood Shavings:

The wood shavings we stock for the purpose of horse bedding are made from softwood. They have a moisture content of 12-14%, making them a very absorbent horse bedding product.

Along with the high absorbency, these shavings have also been triple dust extracted. These low dust shavings are 100% natural, with the guarantee from the manufacturer that they contain no additives, chemicals or binders.

We supply both medium and large size flakes, in 21kg bales.


Wood Pellets:

Our new wood pellets are very light in colour and come in 15kg bags. As above, they come from sustainably managed forests with the promise of no additives, chemicals or binders.

The pellets are made from 100% virgin wood of pine and birch. Although no chemicals are added to control odour in the stable, pine has a naturally pleasant smell which can help to reduce odours. These wood pellets have good absorbing properties and are the more absorbent type of horse bedding that we supply.

Along with the above, these pellets are considered to be cost effective. They should reduce the amount of labour time spent mucking out the stables, and should also allow you to remove less of the bedding upon cleaning. The light colour of the pellets will allow you to clearly see what is dirty, and their high absorbency should allow the pellets to withstand longer than the likes of straw, hay or shavings.

The above products are also good for other animal bedding.