Different Types of Log Species

We and many other fuel suppliers offer a range of different log species for burning purposes. Currently, we only supply kiln dried logs. This means, whatever type of wood species you decide to choose from will be of good quality. That being said, the below guideline explains the main differences in the log species.


Ash is a very popular firewood and is considered to be one of the best wood species for burning. These logs give off a high heat, have a long burn duration and burn with a nice flame, steady flame. This type of log also gives off less smoke. We offer builders bags, large crates, and nets of kiln-dried ash logs


Our silver birch logs burn with a bright and attractive flame. They light easily and often burn quicker than other types of hardwood, such as Ash and Oak. Although birch can burn quicker, it still gives off a hot heat output. As above, we also offer kiln dried birch logs in builders bags, large crates and large nets


Oak is another popular firewood. It is a very dense hardwood tree, this means that it is able to burn for a long time. Due to its density, oak logs need a good fire base to burn effectively. We often advise burning oak with another type of log to keep the fire going. Once oak does get burning, it requires little maintenance and burns for a long time.


Beech burns similar to ash, it provides a good heat and a nice flame. It also has a good burn duration, however, not as long as ash logs.


Alder is considered to be a hardwood, however, this type of wood burns quite quickly which is a quality of a soft wood. Once kiln dried, alder burns with a nice flame and provides a steady heat.