Following on from our last blog post on wood pellets in July, we have stuck to our promise to start bagging our own wood pellets in 20KG bags to try and reduce waste and keep our prices more affordable.

We have worked on our new bagging plant for the wood pellets over the summer and we are happy to announce we are now able to bag our own BSL registered wood pellets.

Our wood pellets are 6mm, leave little ash residue and have a low moisture content.

Our aim for this season:

The main reason that we decided to start packing our own wood pellets was due to the varying quality, and price from wood pellet manufacturers¬†last year. The wood pellets that our current supplier stocks us with, arrive to us in 1150kg bulk bags of loose pellets, in our opinion, the quality of this pellet is second to none. That being said, an 1150kg bag, for most people, isn’t convenient for many reasons.

Our bagging plant now allows us to repack these pellets in a way that allows to easier storage, and for our customers to purchase the volumes that they require. Our bags are strong and secure, meaning we can guarantee the safe transport and storage of the wood pellets. We aim to continue our first-class service with our customers at the heart of what we do.

Why bagging our own pellets will make such a difference?

We are bagging our own wood pellets to ensure we are not subject to the pellet shortage we experienced last year. Our pellets come in 20kg bags, with 50 bags on a full pallet. Meaning, overall less plastic waste, less handling, and 1000kg per pallet.

We will not be constricted on when we are getting bagged pellets delivered to us. We will be more in control over the demand for pellets this year and we will be able to cater to our customers more readily than last year.

Wood Pellets for Heating:

Wood pellets are a multi-purpose product with very diverse properties. The can be used for heating purposes, horse bedding, and cat litter.

In terms of heating, we use these pellets for blown deliveries, sell them as the big 1150kg bulk bags or the pre-pack 20kg bags. Our specially modified blown delivery truck is used to blow the wood pellets into a silo, storing the pellets which then feeds into a biomass boiler. Our blown delivery truck can carry up to 3 tonnes at a time, and is perfect for customers with smaller silos, or have difficult access to their home. As our truck is small in size, we can reach all those houses tucked away on small country lanes!

The bulk bags of pellets are ideal for customers with a large dry space for storage. These can be used for biomass boilers and loaded into the boiler as and when needed, or these large bags can be used for horse bedding. The bulk bags also eliminate the need to dispose of multiple plastic bags.

The 20KG bags are useful to customers who hand fill their pellet boiler or stove. These bags are ideal if you have little storage and can only keep a few bags at a time.

We buy our wood pellets from an ENPlus supplier, and they are registered on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL).

Click here to view our premium wood pellets for heating on our website.

Wood Pellets for Animal Bedding:

As well as using wood pellets for heating, these pellets can be used for cat little and horse bedding. The pellets do not contain any additives or chemicals, and they are very absorbent.

Once wood pellets get wet, they expand and fluff up into a comfortable bed. Once fluffed up, they hold moisture very well, making it a cost-effective option for bedding over the likes of straw and shavings.

Our wood pellets are brilliant to use for horse bedding. Once the pellets have been put down, add water to the pellets until they have expanded and fluffed up. This makes a lovely comfy bed for your horse. As the pellets are light in colour and hold moisture really well, you can just muck out the soiled pellets instead of having to clean out the whole bed each time.

Click here to view our wood pellets for horse bedding on our website.