New product: Newburn

Newburn is one of our new smokeless fuels, it is also our lowest cost smokeless fuel. The low price certainly does not mean low quality! For more information about this fuel, see below…

Approved and Authorised:

Newburn is a fully authorized smokeless fuel, that is suitable to burn in smoke control areas. The fuel is also HETAS approved. 

Manufactured coal briquette:

As with most smokeless fuels, Newburn is a manufactured coal briquette. It is made from a blend of the best quality cokes and anthracite, which again, aligns with the quality of this smokeless fuel.

Burning appliance:

Newburn is suitable for both open and closed fuel appliances. This smokeless fuel also has a low ash and sulphur content. This means that the burning appliance will need less cleaning and maintenance that it would for house coals.

Burning Features:

Overall, this is a very good smokeless fuel, which is made even better by its low cost. It is a high performing manufactured briquette that burns at hot temperatures. Furthermore, the shape of Newburn coal encourages an easy light, good airflow, and a strong heat output.


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