Upcycling and reusing has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Who doesn’t love giving themselves a project to get stuck into. The use of pallets have become a very popular way of upcycling recently and you may want to jump on the trend but are unsure where to start or might need inspiration for your next project. Well, we’ve got some ideas for you.

Tutorials can be found all over the internet nowadays to give you the best tips and tricks for creating something sturdy. See below some ideas to give a search and try out for yourself. Remember if your project is going to be out in the garden, using a sealing paint or finish will help to increase the lifespan of whatever you make. They are usually clear so you could paint underneath if you wish but always double check to see if the paint or finish you are using definitely dries down clear or not. 

Vertical Planters 

Verticle pallet filled with plants

Really want more plants in your garden but really just don’t have the space? Try making a vertical planter. Using a pallet, staple some landscaping fabric either to the entire inside space or into the horizontal slats depending on how much you are wanting to plant. Then fill the area of landscaping fabric with a good healthy soil and some bulbs or seeds. 

Either prop it up against a wall or sturdy fence. You may decide to make a leg for it to rest on using part of another pallet if you don’t have anything to prop it against. 

Stacked Veggie Patch 

Flat pallet with veggies

Again if space is a bit of an issue for you, you could try making a stacked veggie patch using pallets and landscaping fabric again. Staple the fabric onto the inside of the pallet and fill with the appropriate soil. Fill with shallow rooted herbs and vegetables. If you are using multiple pallets, you can stack them onto each other to take up less space and create a nice looking, vertical veggie garden. 

Make Garden Shelves 

Painted pallet with decorations

Similar to the vertical planter idea but instead decorate it with paint, tea light candles, LED lights, garden artwork and even attach some brackets for hanging baskets or planters. This adds character and can be used to help create areas of privacy where needed. 

Pallet Fence 

Fence made from connected pallets

Pallets can be broken down into individual pieces of timber and attached together to create a picket style fence, great for borders and separating plant beds. 

Greenhouse Box 

Greenhouse Box made from wood

Again the pallet would be broken down into individual pieces and attached together to create a box shape. Put a glass top on it to create a small greenhouse for smaller plants that need an extra bit of help or shielding away from harsh weather. 

Window Box 

Wooden window box

Breaking the pallet down and making a box shape again as above but this time attach brackets on to the back and line with landscaping fabric for a rustic looking window box/planter. 


Laid pallet slats to make a path

A broken down pallet can also make a nice looking pathway between grass areas or across bedding areas. Lining up the slats to create a wooden effect path adds character and breaks up any plain areas. 

Ladybird House

Insect House made from pellets

If you love seeing critters roaming around your garden then this is the one for you. Stack up some pallets, put some logs in between the pallets and drill some holes into the end of the logs. This creates the perfect home for ladybirds, bees and other smaller creatures. 

Some other great ideas to check out online for bigger projects: 

  • Benches
  • Tables 
  • Garden furniture sets
  • Compost storage 
  • Beds 
  • Display boxes 
  • Shoe racks 
  • Sheds 

The list is endless and people are trying out new things everyday so it would be impossible to list them all but there’s some ideas to start with and get you into the world of upcycling!