Often, we are asked for our opinion on the density of wood, and which would be best for each fire. So, we thought we would give you a guide on how to work out what kind of wood you may be looking for.

Using the relevant questions section below will help you determine the type of wood which may best suit your needs. These are the kinds of questions we will ask if you come in to get a recommendation for wood type. The questions we ask give us a better idea of the type of burn you are looking for. If you are using firewood as a sole heat provider, then we are likely going to recommend something that lasts a longer amount of time so you can get the heat you need without having to go through lots of wood. Whereas if the fire is a secondary heat provider or is for social purposes then typically not as much burn time is needed, therefore the faster burners may suit you more. We also account for budgets.

Following that the handy diagram at the bottom will help give you a better idea of the common qualities of the wood with an explanation as to why it fits into its place in the relevant questions section. It gives you an overview of what to generally expect from each wood type, whilst there can be variations that are totally down to personal circumstances which we can’t account for every circumstance, it’s a general guide to the products.