It’s only the beginning of October and we can already feel the chill in the morning and evenings. It’s now a great time of year to start getting ready for the winter season ahead. See our tips below to get prepared for the cold winter months!

Safety first:

Before the cold spell hits, we always recommend to clean your burning appliance and to have your chimney swept. It is important to clean your appliance regularly to reduce the amount of ash and soot build up. You also need to clean the grates in the appliance, check the seals and make sure thatĀ thereĀ aren’t any cracks in the glass on the door. Regular cleaning and maintenance will also help to prolong the life of your appliance.

For more safety tips, view our ‘Solid Fuels Safety Tips’ article here:

Solid Fuels Safety Tips

Storage clear up:

If you have the space to store a bulk order of fuel, this can save you money in the long run. Often, ordering fuel in large quantities reduces the individual unit cost. It will also save money being able to stock up for winter with just one delivery cost for the season.

Where possible, it is always better to store solid fuels in a dry place. If the products become wet, this reduces their efficiency and quality.

Ordering in bulk:

As mentioned above, ordering fuels in bulk can save you money in the long run. In addition to this, ordering in bulk makes it less likely that you will be caught out and run out of fuel when the cold weather hits. If you are able to store the fuel and pay up front, have peace of mind that you are covered for winter!

Be organised:

Be mindful that during the winter period, deliveries of fuel can often take longer due to the rise in demand. To be sure that you won’t be left short (and cold) when the cold months are here, order 7 days before you are going to run out of heating supplies. Be extra organised around the Christmas period, and please do not presume that we can deliver to you in snowy weather conditions.