What is smokeless fuel & how is it made?

Smokeless fuels typically have a base of Anthracite, this is a naturally occurring rock that can be used alone or with a combination of other materials to produce smokeless fuel ovals. 

The process begins by drying out the rock and breaking it down into a fine dust. The finer the dust, the easier it is to compress into a strong briquette. The dust is then combined with binders (starch, clay, molasses and gum) and compressed. The shape of the briquette is down to the manufacturer. The fuel is then delivered to us and bagged on site.   

Our Smokeless Fuels 


Dual is one of our cheaper fuels. It is manufactured by CPL, who are known for their high quality fuel products. It is made from a compressed briquette to create a versatile fuel to be used on multiple appliances. 

It is Ready to Burn compliant and is an approved smokeless fuel that can be found on the DEFRA website. 

The product has been tested under controlled conditions and is a more environmentally friendly way of heating your home than traditional coal, what’s more, it’s completely safe for your appliance and flu. Due to its controllability it is suitable for use on Open Fires, Multi-fuel Stoves and Closed Appliances. 

Dual offers a high heat output with a low ash residue at economy prices. Bags weigh 25KG. Volume Discounts available. 


Newburn is our cheapest smokeless fuel we have available. It’s produced using a blend of good quality cokes and anthracite to give you a high performing briquette that burns hot whilst being a budget friendly smokeless fuel.

Fully authorised by DEFRA and registered with the Ready to Burn scheme, keeping your fuel as eco-friendly as we possibly can. 

The pillow shape of the briquette encourages an easy light, allows a good airflow and gives a strong heat output. They are suitable for use on both open and closed appliances. Boasting an attractive flame with a clean, fast burn to keep your home toasty. Bags weigh 20KG. Volume Discounts are available. 


Newheat is our most popular smokeless fuel available in store and online. It is a rounded briquette with a high carbon content allowing it to burn for a long time. This means it provides a high, long-lasting heat with a bright, cosy warm flame. Perfect for overnight heating or heating throughout the day without much tending needed.  

Newheat is a smokeless fuel, producing significantly less pollutants than house coal does. Meaning it is a more environmentally friendly and cleaner way of heating your home. 

Initially designed for use on Closed Appliances however, many customers have found it to be effective on Open Fires too. 

It is fully authorised and can be found on the DEFRA website. It is also compliant and registered with the Ready to Burn Scheme. Bags weigh 25KG. Volume Discounts are available. 


Supertherm is a high-quality smokeless fuel well known for its long-lasting, strong heat. This briquette is easy to light and burns with a cosy, warm flame that is able to burn overnight, or throughout the day whilst you’re out working. It is low-maintenance so doesn’t need much tending to. 

Producing 80% less smoke than house coal does, it is far more environmentally friendly than traditional coals. It is fully authorised and can be found on the DEFRA website. Supertherm is also registered on the Ready to Burn Scheme. 

Suitable for use on Open Fires, Multi-fuel Stoves and Closed Appliances. Bags weigh 25KG. Volume Discounts are available.