A beautiful, eye-catching fireplace is a good centre point for any living room. Bringing character and life to any living space is key to achieving a homely feel, fireplaces can be great for adding to this. 

As a prominent feature it’s the perfect platform to reflect your personal style. However, sometimes it can be hard to decide how to decorate your fireplace so it’s practical and doesn’t look too busy. 

We have done some research and sourced some information on how best to decorate your mantelpiece and fireplace so have put it all together into a handy tip sheet for you. 

*Always ensure any decorations are a safe distance from the fireplace or are moved aside when the fire is lit to ensure safety. Not all decorations can withstand the heat of the fire so may need moving temporarily when the fire is alight.* 

Tip #1 – Create Layers 

Creating layers of depth can help to bring features to the mantle without over-doing the space. Layer 1 is your “Anchor”, this could be a mirror, picture or a large clock. This goes on the wall above the mantle or stands up on top of the mantle but towards the back. 

Layer 2 is the “Weight”. These are items like candle sticks or tall flowers etc. They add some height and weigh out a balance between the items you are using to decorate. We would suggest placing these on either side of the fireplace or mantle piece. They do not need to match. 

Layer 3 is optional depending on how full you want your decoration to be. This is called the “Filler”, they are various items of height and size that can be arranged haphazardly rather than uniform. They just add an extra layer of depth. 

Tip #2 – Rustic Beams 

This may be harder if your fireplace has already been fitted but is something you can still consider. The use of rustic, exposed wooden beams is often a very popular appearance when it comes to fireplaces. 

The use of a supporting beam when building a fireplace is required however, some choose to have it concealed by plaster and paint to match the surrounding walls. But, more and more recently it’s being seen where people are using a wooden support beam, typically made of Oak or Hornbeam as they are strong wood, which is then exposed to create a more rustic feel. 

If you already have a fireplace installed but like the idea, using a thin cut of wood as a faux beam could create the look you desire without a complete upheaval. 

Tip #3 – Fairy Lights 

Fairy lights are well known for being a decorative favourite. They are perfect for brightening up any dark spaces without the need for a large lamp etc. Spread across the fireplace, mantlepiece or weaved between decorations to pull the decorations together for the final touch. If you are limited for space consider putting them inside a glass jar for a lantern effect or incorporate them into your fuel storage. 

Tip #4 – Candles 

Candles look great around the fireplace for adding some cosy vibes. They also benefit from a dual purpose, not only do they look great but they also smell good, by having them near the fireplace occasionally you can get away with not having to burn them but the heat from the fire can cause just enough heat to get the candles to release their fragrance as they would when they were burning. 

Alternatively having them lit when the fire is going can create wonderful scent combinations with the smell of the fuel burning. 

Tip #5 – Using your storage 

Fireplaces don’t need to be messy as some seem to believe. Stacking wood in a store or putting coals in a nice coal hod bucket can add some character, help to keep everything tidy and fit in with the theme of the room. With a variety of designs, colours and styles available it doesn’t matter if you are modern, contemporary or rustic leaning, there’s something for everyone. 

Tip #6 – Fireside Accessories 

Accessories with practical uses, such as companion sets, can be used to dress up your fireplace. There are many styles and designs available on the market to match the overall theme of your home and add that extra bit of personality to your fireplace. They are also practical in helping to tend to your fire and keep the surrounding area clean. 

Tip #7 – Keep it Clean 

Making good use of fireplace cleaning products can keep your fire looking spic and span. This is ideal for people who want their fireplace as a focal point in the room, you don’t want your focus to be on how messy the fire is. A clean fire presents a beautiful, homely and comforting feature within a room. Our fireside maintenance range is the perfect handy helper to keep a tidy fireplace.